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Brilliant is a San Francisco based, Tableau Professional Services consulting practice, with a unique focus on enterprise enabling technology for Tableau. When CEO John Abdo, met CTO Tamas Foldi, he instantly knew he met one of the smartest individuals in the Data Warehouse and Tableau world. Together they have collaborated on dozens of ground breaking Tableau innovations for the enterprise.

John Abdo

Co-Founder + CEO

Tableau Enthusiast

John Abdo is a co-founding partner at Brilliant Data. He is an expert in Tableau Server for the enterprise and deployments. At Apple, John deployed the first IT Managed Tableau Server. He also has many years of experience in creating dashboards as well as launching Tableau infrastructure. John is a founder, and organizer of, the San Francisco Bay Area Tableau User Group. He is also the founder and CEO of Palette Software, the first enterprise management Tableau Server solution for IT teams.

Tamas Foldi

Co-Founder + CTO

Tableau Zen Master

Tamas Foldi is a co-founding partner at Brilliant Data. As a Tableau Zen Master, Tamas leads Brilliant’s software consulting team to optimize Tableau implementations for Fortune 500 organizations. An internationally recognized expert for Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop architecture and integration, systems engineer and architect, Tamas runs a Data Boot Camp to transfer his passion for excellence in data to the consulting team at Brilliant. Tamas has held engineering leadership roles at Starschema, NPlusT Semiconductor, Freesoft, and Compaq/HD. 

Gelareh Esfahlani
Co-Founder + COO

Gelareh is a co-founding partner at Brilliant Data, where she leads Sales and Operations. Previously she held roles at Adobe, BEA Systems, and Plumtree Software. In addition to her corporate experience she started one of the first food technology delivery platforms, making it simple for companies to feed their employees by sourcing meals from the best local restaurants in San Francisco.

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