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Be Brilliant

Brilliant Data professional services implements enterprise-class feature enhancements for Tableau that dramatically improve performance and scalability, but not currently available elsewhere.

Our solutions are engineered to bridge the gap between the out-of-the-box Tableau capabilities and the needs of our Fortune 500 clients. These solutions are cost effective, and can rapidly and easily be implemented in the enterprise environment.

Our primary Practice areas are:



Eliminate the performance-robbing bottlenecks hiding in your Tableau Server.  Automatically expand your cluster with additional workers whenever loads spike without having to restart. Dedicate specific workers in a cluster to certain users, projects or sites, for guaranteed performance and availability.



Deploy a secure, best practice, high performance Tableau Server to your organization in just days in your own private cloud with our Tableau RapidStart. Delegate all the day-to-day Tableau Server administration to us so you can remain focused on your business. Connect all your data sources behind your firewall to your Tableau Server using our Tableau Data Bridge.



Convert thousands of legacy BI reports to Tableau with our RapidConvert service, in just days. Make all your data available to Tableau from any legacy data source. Create unique Push to Prod approval workflows from one Tableau Cluster to another.

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